Things to know before you start your airsoft hobby

Airsoft Skirmish

Getting into airsoft is great because it is a hobby that is unlike no other. Spending the day in an airsoft CQB is great for physical and mental health. Not only are you exercising your entire body, you are also being social by interacting with others. Airsoft really does give you the feeling of community and camaraderie.

Here is your airsoft for beginners guide.

What are the rules?

The main rules of skirmishes start with being honest and enjoying the experience.

For each game, members will be split into two or more teams (depending on how many people are participating) and a set of objectives will be given. The ultimate goal is to target the opposing team leaving them unable to play the game.

If you have been targeted, you must raise your hand and alert the marshals and everybody around you that you have been hit. Grenades can also be used throughout games, where a ‘kill radius’ will be set, which is typically 3 metres.

Airsoft game modes

Games will vary from site to site depending on what the game mode has been set as for that day. Modes may include capturing and defending objects, whereas another may be set out in a team death match style where you have to ‘kill’ the enemy.  Read more.

Before your game begins, the site team will let you know all of the information and rules that you need to successfully undergo your skirmish.

Airsoft guns

There are three types of guns that you can purchase: spring loaded, electric (AEG) and gas powered. You can purchase attachments and conversions for your gun to improve your shooting and effectiveness throughout the game.

When choosing airsoft BBs, you must ensure that they are approved, as cheaply made pellets can damage your gun, as well as injury to you and other players. We recommend a pellet weight of around 0.2g as this will ensure for straight shots that aren’t too light or heavy.