Unforgettable Party Ideas

Photo Booth Party

A photo booth party makes the night more enthusiastic, makes the guests go wild and creates memories for years to come. It’s easy to set up and great for large events, giving the perfect opportunity for everybody to get involved. If you are interested in hiring a photo booth for your event, visit Perth Premier Photobooths. They provide a different range of photo booths, such as classic vintage style retro booths and more.

Adventure party

  • For an adventuring party, you could choose a wide range of different themes. For one of them, you could Photocopy a range of world maps from atlases or print them off the internet – old and new ones – and cover a wall with the maps or make buntings out of them.
  • Go on a treasure hunt. Make a map of your yard, or a nearby park, and bury some goods where and mark the map with an X. Having some decoys to send the kids on a bit of a chase to find the real treasure will make this experience for them really fun.

Game Night

Games become the centre of attention at kids’ parties however; adults can really enjoy partaking in fun games. This is why a game night is a great way to spend quality time with your friends. Here are some board games for adults you can try when planning a party: